Impurity Monitoring

Consumers are applying increasing pressure on textile manufacturers to demonstrate that their products are environmentally friendly and socially conscious.

Various initiatives are driving this agenda forward including ‘ZDHC’ and ‘AFIRM’.

Being able to demonstrate that your products comply provides a valuable competitive edge in the market place.

For companies wanting to achieve these standards or be included in the relevant lists, we can provide an independent analytical service to identify, analyse and monitor impurities.

There are a growing number of RSLs (Restricted Substance Lists) issued by brands and retailers. These require the testing of input chemicals rather than the finished product.

Testing of restricted chemicals in input chemicals is a complex task. Our chemists have specialist knowledge in the colourants sector and have developed ‘Intelligent Screening’ techniques to identify the main substances on these RSLs.

Most Popular Screening Services

ZDHC Impurity Screening

Toy Standard & Food Contact Impurity Screening

Impurity Screening for Classification

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