Substance Identification Profile (SIP) Sameness checking

If you have commissioned substance identification with us then this will be covered as part of that commission.

However if you’ve already carried out substance identification testing we can offer expert interpretation of your analytical data to assist you in determining if your substance meets the Substance Identification Profile for your SIEF.

If your analytical data doesn’t meet the SIP we can advise you the next steps to assist you in joining the correct SIEF.

Dossier Evaluation

ECHA has a continuous programme of manual checks for dossiers.

Since the original REACH deadline there are been several amendments to the required data for dossiers. Lead Registrants also frequently update the lead dossiers with additional and new information

If you think the data included in your dossier would benefit from an refresh, we can evaluate your current content and advise if any sections need further work.

SIEF Liasion

Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEFs) will continue to operate after the final REACH deadline.

They will respond to requests for additional information from ECHA, update SIPs when amendments have been made to accommodate additional registrants, recalculate LoA costs and issue reimbursement where necessary, amend classifications when new data requires this.

We can liaise with SIEFs on your behalf to negotiate amendments to the SIP, reimbursements of LoA fees where appropriate, or just to monitor new information and assess the impact on your registration.

Contact us on +44(0)1484 866777 or to discuss how we can help you.