A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a key component of good product stewardship.

They provide information on your products which helps users make risk assessments.

By law, suppliers of chemicals must provide a SDS if the product is classified under CLP.

Updates following REACH registration
If you have carried out a REACH registration you should update your SDS with the new registration number. This not only meets your obligations under REACH but provides a good marketing opportunity for you to demonstrate the compliance of your products.

Depending on your registration, there may be other areas to review and update such as the classification and Guidance on Safe use sections.

Extended SDSs
If exposure scenarios are included in your registration these should be attached to your SDS.

Dossier info published on ECHA’s website
Even if you have not carried out a REACH registration you may want to check if the classification of the substance included in the published registration dossier is in line with yours.

Any classifications which have become harmonised should be adhered to unless you have data justifying a deviation.

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