Substance Identification for Registration or Inquiry Dossiers

We specialise in offering a Complete Substance Identification package for colourants

We understand the complexities found in dye and pigment structures and have developed our REACH analysis tailored to these specific requirements.

Our experience in the colourants field enables us to interpret the results of the chromatographic and spectrographic analysis to provide you with a comprehensive substance identity.

Good quality analytical data and expert interpretation is essential to accurately identifying your substance.

Our Complete Substance Identity Package starts at £2500* (£3500 for pigments and vat dyes*)
Most substances can be fully identified within this budget however some substances such as UVCB’s and pigments may require additional analysis.

* please note there is a 15% surcharge for set up costs if only one sample is commissioned

The package includes all analysis required for a REACH registration dossier.

The spectrographic analysis e.g.  UV-Vis, FT-IR, NMR, GC-MS, SEM/EDX, DSC etc. confirms that the sample tested conforms to the chemical structure described by the chemical name and other identifiers.

The chromatographic analysis confirms the purity of the sample and identifies impurities or isomers that require reporting in the dossier.

A final report is issued that can be inserted directly into the IUCLID registration dossier. The reports will contain all the spectra and a detailed interpretation of the findings.

Our Substance Identification Service will identify all impurities >1% as required by ECHA for confirmation of substance sameness.

However if clients need further information regarding the impurities present in their substance for example SVHCs at >0.1% we can provide this as an additional service.

Coracle Example Pigment Report 2019 v4

Coracle Example Report 2019 v4

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