24/4/2019 – ECHA has launched its Poison Centre Submission Portal

The first release of the ECHA Submission portal for poison centres notifications is now available. The portal is a secure, online way to centrally manage notifications for hazardous mixtures.

EU companies placing hazardous mixtures on the single market can now make a single submission via the new portal.

Under Article 45 of the CLP Regulation companies placing hazardous mixtures on the market must provide information to national appointed bodies. This information is used by poison centres.

Poison centres provide medical advice to general consumers and physicians on health emergencies resulting from exposure to hazardous chemicals.

A UFI (unique formula identifier) is a 16 character alphanumeric code which will need adding to labels for all products classified for health or physical hazards.

What are the deadlines for adding the UFI to labels?

1 January 2020 for mixtures intended for consumer use

1 January 2021 for mixtures intended for professional use

1 January 2024 for mixtures for industrial use only

1 January 2025 – the UFI will be mandatory on the label of all products classified for health or physical hazard.

As well as the UFI, companies must provide other information such as composition details, packaging and toxicological information to poison centres.

We can compile this information for you and prepare your poison centre notification (PCN) dossiers in the new portal.

Additional information and support can be found on ECHA’s Poison Centres website.

Contact us on +44(0)1484 866777 or info@coracle.global to discuss how we can help you.